Janell Williamson at October 11, 2021 at 11:15am MDT

Dear Sir or Madam; I appreciate all the attention you have paid to the Colliers Parkway and Hwy 5, but there is another busy school crossing right in front of my home.

I live on the corner of Colliers Pkwy and Equinox Cir. So many kids cross right there and cars are so oblivious to this. Today, as my three kids tried to cross I counted 6 cars speed by- definitely exceeding 35 mph. At other times my kids have had plenty of time to cross but cars are going so fast that it’s been a near miss.

There are attached homes going in across from me, adding to the traffic density.

I’m asking that you put in a flashing pedestrian light or a “you’re going x miles per hour” sign that is at least active during school hours or some sort of speed bump. I know a four way stop would cause a huge mess, but there has to be another solution. I will be emailed all the members of Erie’s council and encourage my neighbors to also send emails.

I appreciate your attention to this matter.

Janell Williamson

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